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Space Mame | 無料ゲーム投稿サイト unityroom - Unityのゲームをアップロードして公開しよう

What I did

  • Add Start/Try Again Feature
  • Fix positions
  • Add Tweet button (It’s not working though …)
  • Export as WebGL
  • Upload to unityroom which is a website to share unity-made games with webGL
  • And tada tada !

Things I learned.

My first #unity1week is over! There are many things to brush up but sometimes done is better than perfect. Here are the things I learned from #unity1week.

  • Make START/RETRY/RESULT functions first.
    • I made Start/Retry/Result feature on Sunday (the last day of unity1week). I wish I made these first because it is a basic feature for all games and I can reuse them as a template for other games.
  • Make all function on the first day to leave time for level designing.
    • I set the goal to make a game in 1 WEEK. So I spreaded the tasks over a week and that was a big mistake, because I didn’t have time for level desigining! Level design is one of the most important thing in game creation. Even if the visual is not fancy, it can be fun to play when the level design is right. I really want to focus on it next time so that the player can be entertained.
  • Play more games
    • There are tons of games on unityroom. I should have played more games to get inspired! sob

Definitely gonna do it next time!

Overall, I had a lot of fun! It’s fun to create and to see other games. The theme “Space” was abstract this time so people interpreted in various ways! Check them out here Unity 1週間ゲームジャム | 無料ゲーム投稿サイト unityroom - Unityのゲームをアップロードして公開しよう